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Photographing Concho Belts.

FulkersonConchoBelt_(1_of_2) FulkersonConchoBelt_(2_of_2)

Recently Jeff Fulkerson  sent me these two concho belts to be photographed. He said, “I don’t know what to do with these”. When I got them and opened up the package, I went  “Wow!”  They were very impressive both visually and physically. I am basically set up for doing very small things these days. I immediately began missing my big softbox from my studio back in Cleveland, Ohio. But fortunately I had just watched a video about the new panorama/HDR feature in the latest version of Lightroom. I started problem-solving with those features in mind and I realized I could create a panorama of each belt but I wouldn’t move the camera, I would move the table that the belt was sitting on. So that’s what I did and it worked perfectly. I think I needed about four captures per belt and Lightroom put everything together giving me one large raw file and I finished the rest of the work in Photoshop.


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