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I am doing a new one-day workshop on jewelry photography on Saturday, October 26, 2013. The cost will be $200 and is limited to three people so make your reservations early. You can email me for details, at jiml1948@mac.com.

Occasionally, I get an email from someone who has bought one of my three DVDs on jewelry photography, with a question about where to buy an item that I talk  about or  is on the downloadable PDF. Two of the questions that come up frequently are,  where to purchase the diffusion material for the light frame and where to buy the silver foil board that I use for fill. If you have an art supply store nearby they should have both items. Also, your local frame shop should be able to order the foil board.  It’s made by Crescent and the # is 1020. It comes in 30inx40in sheets.

A good online source for the silver foil board is: http://www.artsupplywarehouse.com/prodDetail.php?id=31636

And for the Dura-Lar diffusion material: http://www.artsupplywarehouse.com/prodDetail.php?id=9272

Another option for a diffusion material which I just discovered is carried by B&H Photo and is a package of nylon ripstop diffusion material. Here’s the link:  http://bhpho.to/18jefUW.   It’s a little more expensive than the Dura-Lar  but I think it will be more durable and you can staple it to the frame. It should be very easy to trim out a piece with scissors and if you want to make bigger frames it will be easy to do with this material.


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