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And a lot has happened in the meantime. I have continued teaching workshops at Bead Fest, Philadelphia and I am adding a new workshop on advanced techniques at the upcoming Bead Fest in August. I have also created three new DVDs on photographing jewelry which you can find at the Interweave Store, and they are also available as digital downloads. In addition I also have a Webinar available on how to optimize your images with Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw found in Photoshop and  Elements. A second one on using Selections in Elements  & Photoshop is on the way.

I will be offering a one-day workshop on photographing jewelry at my new studio in West Chester (Marshalton), PA. The size is limited to four people per workshop. Bring your own camera, tripod, jewelry, and laptop if you have one. The cost for this one-day workshop will be $200 per person. The first scheduled date for this workshop is Saturday, July 20.

I’m sure you will have questions, so please email me or call me directly and I will be happy to talk with you. Enjoy your summer.


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